Weddings are an integral part of nearly every culture in the world. Sometimes, things can get a little crazy when it comes to the groomsmen’s antics or bridesmaids’ outfits. These are some of the most hysterical wedding fails compiled here. Let's scroll down and enjoy peeps!

A Little Bit Scandalous

Not Every Dress Is Equal

A Modest Affair

A Whole Flowerbed

Bridesmaids Or Ice Skaters

Coordination Is Key

Count Chocula Inspired

Who, Me

Flowers On Flowers

Have A Holly Jolly Wedding

I Avoca-do

Matchy Matchy

Pretty In Pink

Queen Of My Heart

So Many Questions

That Outfit Is A Choice

They’ll Regret This Later

Total Eclipse Of The Hair

We Can’t Stop Staring

Wedding Crashers Beware

Extra Curtains

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